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Opportunities Around You…

September 28th, 2009

“Hi Anna! I am interested in working for Kurukshetra. But what can I do? How am I going to get benefited?” The typical question asked by a junior to the core team members of Kurukshetra. Most people usually get a convincing reply though.

Lesson 1: Web experience

I was lucky enough to do the design and functionality of Kurukshetra’s website. It seems to be simple and yes it is. With more than 2,00,000 views the site has, my prime focus was on user friendliness. Thinking for a while the fact that made me WOW was, this is the only way by which my work could reach more than 2 lakh people in this world. Being a non-techie the amount of information of I learnt in web-designing is decent. You need to know the index of a book rather than what is inside the book.

Lesson 2: Online tools

Google provides a Google docs feature. A popular one, yet I was able to realize only after using it. Maintaining online docs and sharing, editing is much simpler than before. Mail client is another popular thing that is not used among the student community. With more than 300 mails a month, and most of the time being offline, mail client has become my diary, book, biography. Getting professional!

Lesson 3: Networking

It’s rare to see people having more than 25 friends online in gtalk whenever they login. With more than 600 contacts in mobile, not just friends, business men too, following up everyone is a big deal though. NetworKing!

Lesson 4: My recent STD & ISD calls

“Hello! Am I speaking to Mr. Anil Kumble? This is Senthil calling from Anna University India….”  He replied, “Ya, speaking.” Conversation goes…

Goosebumps! Adrenalin just rushes up and my phone bill too.

Yeah we have the substance to call up anyone in the world. Feel Free to contact!

Lesson 5: Google Analytics

Main poster is up. The nation-wide campaign has started. But how many noticed it? Shall we ask the people who viewed to paste their thumb print there and send us back? Bad Idea! Google Analytics comes to the rescue. It provides pin point analysis of the web traffic this is my first hand experience in analyzing real-time data of the marketing strategies we did. Getting started! J

Finally everyone has the independence to choose things as your hobby, work, opportunity, responsibility… It is: “Kurukshetra. Of the students. By the students. For the students.”



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