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Athena event closes on 16th, January 9:pm IST.

Over 59+ countries, 1000+ participants!

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”– Bill Gates
Ever been fascinated by the idea of running your program for minutes or even hours together to get the result? Or do you believe that an efficient algorithm can always solve your problem within seconds? Come find out for yourself at Athena - the math-coding contest of Kurukshetra. Your algorithmic prowess will be subject to scrutiny over a bunch of mathematical puzzles , along with your mathematical expertise and of course your patience.  






  • Athena will be an online event spun around a compelling story line.
  • Only individual participation is allowed and you can register here .
  • The answers are to be provided in the space provided in the site and participants can move on to the next level only if they answer the questions right (bonus questions alone can be skipped).
  • Points will be awarded for each solution depending on the difficulty of the question.
  • The winner is the one with the maximum number of points.
  • Keep an eye on this space for more updates in the coming days.

1.How long will the event be?

The event will be on for a maximum of ten days.


2.How to register for the event?

Please visit Athena event site and click on the register link.


3.Do i need to know programming to solve the questions?

Yes, you need to know basic programming with strong knowledge in maths to solve the problems. 


4.My hands are itching to play the event. Can i have any sample questions now?

Here you are. Two sample questions from the 'easy' category. 


1) Find the sum of all 5 digit primes

2) how many trailing zeros are there in 223!? (base-4 representation)

5.Where is the practice contest taking place?

Athena event site 


6.Can professionals take part?

This contest is open for both students and professionals.

Kannan Kv : +91 99522 27777

Vidhoon V :  +91 97891 28780

 Mail us your queries to athena[at]kurukshetra[dot]org[dot]in.

We request you to use the forums. Access Athena forums here.