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K! Biz Quiz


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Business lovers unite! You'll be kicking yourselves if you miss this!!

The K! Biz Quiz this year is one event to mark in all of your calendars. A pleasant surprise awaits contestants this year as the Biz Quiz for colleges is going National. Regional winners of the Biz Quiz from Bangalore and Hyderabad will make it to the All-India round along with 6 other teams making it from the Chennai round. The All-India round as well as the Corporate round will be hosted by renowned quizmaster Mr. Gopal Kidao.

So, get your business facts sorted out as K! Biz Quiz 2010 is sure to take you on a ride.

UPDATE : The K! Biz Quiz will take place on the January 23rd at 4 p.m. Corporate round will follow the college round. Both rounds will be conducted by Mr. Gopal Kidao.



  1. Two members per team. Mixed college teams are allowed.
  2. No registration fee required. Walk-in event.
  3. Written prelims with inbuilt tie-breakers.
  4. Top 6 teams from the prelims make it to the finals.


  1. Two members per team. Both the members should be from the SAME corporate institution.
  2. A registration fee of Rs. 400 will be charged per team.
  3. Written prelims followed by finals.


Deepak : +91 98944 13465


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