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Business Plan

“There will come a time when big opportunities will be presented to you, and you’ve got to be in a position to take advantage of them.”                                                                  –Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Inc.

Sam Walton could not have been more right. Here comes one such opportunity. If you are someone who considers treading the road less travelled, then Business Plan is for you. This is your chance to hone that nascent entrepreneur in you; a stage to realise your innate potential. So think out of the box, come up with a commendable business plan and get ready to present your ideas at Kurukshetra. Brace the challenge and be the change!


The Entrepreneurship Challenge-Be the change seeks teams and business plans that meet the following criteria:


  • The Contest is designed for projects that are in either the concept or pilot phase, meaning those that have not yet started regular operations and/or those that are testing initial concepts through basic pilot operations. The project can be a nonprofit, for-profit or hybrid model.
  • The maximum team size is 4 members. It is strongly recommended that teams include a minimum of three members.
  • Students of different colleges can come together to form a team.
  • At least one member of the team must be a current student of any academic institution.
  • One member of the team must be designated as the team lead at the time of the Executive Summary submission and thus is authorized to make all decisions on behalf of the team.
  • Students are advised not to submit more than executive summary which is a clear indication of lack of commitment to one particular business plan.
  • The proposed plan should not be in violation of any intellectual property rights. 


Business plans that are tagged under the Social Entrepreneurship theme will be adjudged separately.  The following criteria must be met to be a part of the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge track:

  • The business idea could be in any industry/sector, and there should be a clear social value attached to it. 
  • The project should have as a key component of its activities, the creation of social value in a significant and sustained manner.

Phase I

  1. The teams have to mail their Executive Summaries to biz.plan@kurukshetra.org.in on or before December 30th 2009. The subject name of the mail has to be PHASE 1 :: TEAM NAME.
  2. All entries should be in the form of a Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman font (size 12) and single line spacing.  The Summary shall contain a maximum of three pages including the cover page.
  3. The cover page of each entry should contain the name of the participants, institute name, Degree/course, e-mail address and phone number of the team leader and all other members.
  4. The Promising Business Plans will be selected for the Phase II. The selected teams will be intimated through mail/phone.
  5. The decision of our review panel is final and binding on all participants.


Phase II

  1. The 10 finalists must make a 15 minute presentation of their business plans before the judges, following which, there will be a brief question and answer session.
  2. The team has to carry 3 hard copies of their business plans with them.
  3. The team has to mail their presentations and the complete business plans to biz.plan@kurukshetra.org.in on or before January 10th 2010. Failure to do so may lead to elimination. The subject of the e-mail shall be PHASE 2 :: TEAM NAME.
  4. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to this contest shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Chennai. Rules are subject to change and the decision of the organizers is final.


Social Venture plans are judged by a mix of philanthropists, venture capitalists and social entrepreneurs. 

Judges are asked to evaluate the plans based upon their potential to become the basis of a viable new venture and will focus on the idea, its potential for social value creation, and the likelihood of achieving that success based upon the team's plan and experience. Judges will look at both the strength of the concept and areas related to execution of the plan, and will evaluate specifically,

  • Idea/Concept: The concept reflects an innovative approach. The team has a clear understanding of the issue it seeks to address, the economic and social drivers of the model, and the feasibility of the concept.  
  • People: The team has (or can get) relevant skills, contacts, and experience. The team is persuasive in communicating the idea and its potential.
  • Context: The rules of the game (i.e., regulatory, tax, political) are favorable. Market need, size of opportunity, competitive landscape, and potential risks are identified and manageable.
  • Resources: The financing plan is sensible in terms of the capital required to launch and operate. Funding sources are identified and a plan for securing initial investment is articulated.
  • Performance Measurement: The plan takes a practicable approach to measuring organizational outcomes and provides a clear plan to deliver high performance.
  • Social Value Creation:  (For the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge track) The business model is likely to make a substantial contribution toward the solution of the issue it seeks to address and can be sustained for a period of time consistent with achieving the desired social impact. (If growing the organization is not the preferred strategy, the program is transferable and replicable).





    Eligible plans get cash prizes and the opportunity of getting incubated and receiving funding of upto 50 lakhs INR depending on the plan's viability and sustainability.  The financial assistance will be provided by BYST and their decision is final and binding.  The teams will also get a chance of being mentored by an eminent personality from the respective field of business. Excellent cash prize awaits ... 

    First Prize - 15k

    Second Prize - 10k

    Third Prize - 5k


    Email us at biz.plan@kurukshetra.org.in


    Gautam Raja Ga - 9566301334

    You are requested to use the forums. You can access the Business Plan forums here.

    Phase 1

                  The following teams have been selected for phase 2 of the business plan event.



    2. Utsah

    3. Safed Musli

    4. CDS Saakshar

    5. Dalal bulls

    6. Ashwamedh

    7. Techosapiens

    8. Innovative Business Masters