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Electro Warriors

A world without Electronics might sound the same as a world without water or food for many... The ultimate event for all those electronics freaks who find the inside of a television or computer more interesting than the outside! Brush up your fundas and get ready to unleash your design skills in this brain racking contest against the best brains from across the country.

1.The event will consist of two rounds.

2.Maximum of two members per team.

3.Duration of the prelims- one hour.

4.Questions will test the participants' understanding of basic electronic circuits (analog and digital), network theorems, control theory etc., 

5.The finals will be held in the laboratory where the qualified teams will be asked to implement the circuit for a real life problem/situation.

6.The duration of the finals will be two hours.

  • The registration for the event is ON THE SPOT.
  • Apart from the correctness of the design/answers, the design will be analysed under the following criteria for awarding bonus points.
    1.The design should work for all test(extreme) cases.
    2.Simplicity of the answer/design. Minimise the components to maximise your score.
    3.Elegance of the design.
  • The judges' decision will be final and binding.


Vijay Varadharaj T M: +91 94449 00436

Krishna V:                 +91 94861 90776