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Been a high level geek all your life? Feel up for a bit of challenge? To stand tall when being bombarded by questions that confuse, frustrate and stimulate your brain in equal proportion? Well... you have come to the right place!  Get your geek team ready to pull the Excalibur out of the stone and hear ' All hail ! ' all around you ! But being crowned King geek ain't that easy ! Heptathlon tests the depth and range of your knowledge in computer science covering a wide range of areas like Networks, Computer Architecture, Theory of Computation, Operating Systems etc. Brush up and get ready to face the explosive array of questions. To survive, as Darwin said you need to be the fittest!


 This onsite event consists of three rounds.

  •  Two written preliminary rounds that will test your in-depth understanding of computer science courses.
  •  Participants will be shortlisted for the final round after the two preliminary rounds.
  •  The final round will be a lab session which will test not only your programming skills but also your analytical reasoning and  windows hacking skills.
  •  The decision of the judges is final and binding.



  1. Maximum of 3 members per team. Lone wolves are also welcome.
  2. Team members can be from different departments/institutions.


For queries,

Dinesh Sriram.S     +91 94860 82234   dineshsriram89@yahoo.com

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