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The arena is a construction site. The objective is to bring down an old building (a structure made up of cubes) and take the debris for recycling to a dumping area. Also transport new materials to the construction site to bring up another building. The new materials will include cones and spheres which are to be emptied into a basket. Each team needs to build a robot to perform the given task.


  1. 4 members per team (the members may be from different institutions).
  2. Participants should produce valid ID Cards.  
  3. Only pre-registered teams can participate.
  4. Registrations are closed.
  5. Image processing SHOULD NOT be used.


1.    Size of the bot should not exceed 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm.
2.    External power supply should NOT be used.
3.    Power supply should not exceed 12V and the batteries must be placed on the robot.
4.    IC engines and chemical power must not be used.
5.    The robot may expand its size while moving.
6.    The bot may be controlled through wired or wireless means. In case of wireless control, the participants must bring remotes with two sets of frequencies to avoid frequency clashes.


NOTE: The arena given here is just a sample and is not to scale. The positions of the dumping area D and the basket B are subject to change within the corresponding section.
1.    Size of the arena: 2 m x 3 m.   
2.    It is divided into 3 vertical sections namely sctions I,II and III (of size 1 m x 2 m each).
3.    The old building to be brought down (structure made of cubes) will be present in section III.
4.    The debris must be taken to a dumping area in section I.
5.    The new materials (10 ball-badminton balls and 5 cones) will be placed in section I.
6.    They must be transported and emptied into the basket B in section III, which will be placed at a height of 10 cm from the ground.
7.    Section II will consist of simple obstacles that may include bridges and ramps (angle < 25 degrees).
8.    The dimensions of the objects are as follows:

  •    Ball diameter- (3-5) cm - variable
  •    Cone diameter- 5 cm, Cone height- 5 cm
  •    Cubes- (3-5) cm x (3-5) cm x (3-5) cm - variable

9.    The cones and the cubes will be made of wood or plastic.
10.  Dimensions of the basket B: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm.
11.  At the start of a run, the bot will be placed in section I- X denotes the position where the bot will be placed.

  1. The bot has to perform 2 tasks.
  • Pick the objects in new construction materials (cones and spheres) in section I. Move it through the section II and section III (it is to be noted that the bot has to lift the objects to a 10 cm height to basket the object).
  • Bring down the structure made up of cubes in section III and transport the cubes to section I and dump it in an area in section I.

      2.  The bot is allowed to lift more than one object at a time.

      3.  2 minutes time will be provided for a trial run.


  1. Points will be awarded for each object that the bot is able to transport successfully. Time taken will also be considered.
  2. Cube - 50 points; Sphere - 75 points; Cone - 100 points.
  3. If the bot carrying the object moves it over the slope/bridge, an additional 20 points will be awarded for each object the bot carries.
  4. Touch penalty-10 point deduction.
  5. Repairing-100 point deduction and time will be stopped.
  6. There will be a prize for the best design.

Vimal Raj            (+91 97907 89084)

Arun Seshatri V   (+91 94438 11900)