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Online Programming Contest

Here’s to all you programming buffs who eat, sleep, talk, walk and do just about anything with programming. Plunge head-on into Kurukshetra’s Online Programming Contest where you’ll be locking horns with some of the best coders in the world. Your algorithmic and problem solving skills will be put to a grueling test, and results could be decided by even nanosecond differences! So if you are brave enough, come byte this challenge!

The contest will be hosted on SPOJ.


  • Teams of 2 people can participate in the contest.
  • Only one member of the team needs to be registered at SPOJ to take part in the contest.
  • Both members will need to submit their solutions using the same SPOJ id.
  • You also need to be registered at Kurukshetra in order to claim your prize. The email address in SPOJ account and Kurukshetra registration should match.

Schedule of the contest:

17th January 2 PM IST to 6 PM IST. Click  to see the timings in other time zones

The contest may be extended if there are any clarifications in the problemset. Please refer to the website for more details. You can post your queries in the forum.

We request you to use the forums. You may access Online Programming Contest forums here.

The Contest is over.

The winners are
1. Vladyslav Simonenko
2. Anshuman Singh
3. Venkatesh