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K++ is open! Please visit our home page for more details.

“One OS to rule them all, One OS to find them.One OS to call them all, And in salvation bind them.
In the bright land of Linux, Where the hackers play.”

-J. Scott Thayer

K++ is Kurukshetra’s very own offering to the Open Source cult. This is an online Open Source Software Development event and is sure to delight each and every OpenSource geek. Are you ready to develop an Open Source software and share it with the world? Ready to compete with other developers? The arena is for you.

Please visit K++ home page for more details.

You can contact us for any technical or non-technical help.

Sornakumar S - +91 98841 83090

Joy James Prabhu - +91 9488 024730

Sriraam A S - + 91 96776 49463

Or Email us at kplusplus10@gmail.com