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Mega Structures


Look around!!! We can literally see infrastructural progress on a fast track!!! From altering skylines to connecting two remote points, it is the power of civil engineering which brings the world closer, thus, making it a friendlier place to live in. 'MEGASTRUCTURES' gives you the chance to flash your technical skills, in the most economic manner!!!



1. Each team is allowed have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 participants.

2. The event will require on-the-spot registration for all students. Students from colleges other than CEG will be asked to pay a nominal fees for the same.

3. College IDs shall be required as identity proof for all students.



1. This round is an eliminatory round and the teams qualifying this round move on to the MAINS ROUND.

2. The results of this round will be announced on the same day as it is conducted.



1. The contestants will be asked to connect two points placed at a certain distance apart by means of a bridge with the help of the materials provided.

2. The contestants are not allowed to bring any additional materials.

3. The type / kind of the bridge is entirely at the partcipants' discretion.

4. The end supports for the bridge shall not be provided, i.e. the bridge should be self - standing.

5. The bridge should provide a minimum clearance height of 5 cm above ground. All other specifications of the bridge shall be disclosed on the day of the event.

6. There is no upper limit on the mass of the bridge but lighter bridges will be given preference.



The bridge will be evaluated under the following parameters :


1. Deflection

2. Load Withstanding Strength

3. Technical Soundness, Stability and Weight

4. Economy

5. Aesthetics


The scoring and evaluation of each bridge differs with the type / kind of bridge.