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Network Warriors

Get ready all you network experts, geeks and Linux enthusiasts, here is an event that can rack your nerves in your venture to unravel the most complex network mysteries. look forward to solve the series of well crafted challenges, equipped with your socket programming skills, Linux commands and conceptual network understandings. If you have ILLEGALLY hacked your college network just for fun or played pranks on your friends when they are in a LAN, here we call you to do that LEGALLY in our Sandbox.

  • Two members per team.
  • They may be from different institutions. 


The event consists of two rounds. Each round is eliminatory.

  • A written preliminary round that tests your basic understanding of networks.
  • The final round will be a lab session. This round tests your C/C++ socket programming skills with Linux commands. You will be given a series of tasks to complete.
  • The team which finishes all the tasks first or the team which finishes the maximum number of tasks in minimum time will be adjudged the winner.
  • The judges' decision is final and binding.

NOTE: The judges may choose to conduct an extra lab/written round as the second round if the need arises.


  • Is this an event for Computer Science students alone?

NO. This event is open for students from all streams. All you need is a basic understanding of computer networks and underlying principles with some exposure to Linux commands and programming.

  • Will participants be given internet access during finals?

NO. They are not allowed to use internet. 



  • Pradheep P  +91 99441 27009  pradheep99@live.com
  • Shriram   S  +91 94861 30102  shriram_shridhar@yahoo.co.in
  • Anand     K   +91 94877 24526   ceganand@gmail.com
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