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Rumble in the junk

The event for all those who are looking for a magical spark to ignite their minds and waiting for an opportunity to literally 'build' their ideas. What you need here is a strong desire to innovate and all the creativity you can muster, to convert what would ordinarily be called a pile of "junk"  into something that is practically useful. So if you think you have it in you to visualize perhaps a flying marvel from pieces of scrap metal and the technical know-how to make it soar, get ready to "Rumble".


 The event consists of three rounds conducted over a period of two days. Each round is eliminatory.

Round 1
  •  The first round will consist of objective type questions which will test the participants’ general aptitude and knowledge on basic engineering principles (with a larger emphasis on mechanical engineering).
  •  The duration of the test will be 60 minutes.
  •  The top 15 teams will enter the next round.
Round 2
  •  This round will test the participants’ innovation, creativity and practical thinking.
  •  Questions will be of reasoning type.
  •  The duration of the test will be 60 minutes. 
  •  Top five teams from this round will enter Round3. 
Round 3
  • This will be the round where we get practical. The problem statement will be announced on the day of the event. 
  • A common objective will be set for all teams and the teams will be required to 'achieve' the objective using the junk provided. 
  • The teams will be allowed to choose the junk from the pile based on the scores obtained in Round2.
  • The scores obtained in previous rounds will not be considered for deciding the winners in this final round.
  • The items in each pile will be carefully scrutinized by the organizers. The teams will be given one full day to accomplish their task.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 4 members.
  •  No additional materials will be provided under any circumstances.
  • The participants are not allowed to bring any additional material.
  •  Indulgence in unfair activities during the event will lead to disqualification.
  •  Decision of the judges is final and binding.
  • Rajulin Dhas K (+91 94454 51173)
  • Shyam V (+91 90926 98048)
  • Santhosh E M (+91 94453 76562)
  • Rahulram Sridhar (+91 99402 21431)