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Riddles of the Sphinx

Ahoy there,come aboard,ye blue blistering bird-brained billious baboon.Yeah,you got it..its that time of the year where you arm yourself with a compass that doesn't point south,put on your (thinking) hat which is half-digested by a kraken,load the crates with bottles of coffee,plant yourselves in front of a type of lizard and say,"Ahoy Mr.Page and Mr.Brin,set sail,savvy?"


If you couldn't quite make sense of that,well,never mind.Welcome to the Riddles of the Sphinx : Version 4.0, the official online webhunt of Kurukshetra.The event which has attracted massive partcipation over the years,once again,is all set to send you on a virtual hunt through the world.The event will focus primarily on testing your lateral thinking abilities and of course,your googling skills.If you are the kind of person who boots up the system before you pick up the toothbrush or takes a crack at 'The Hindu Crossword" before going through the supplementary magazines,this,is your homeground.For the lesser mortals,fear not,for this event has only two pre-requisites : Infinite enthusiasm and infinite patience.A fully throttling brain will be an added advantage.Fun Guaranteed.


                                                                       "Not all treasure is silver and gold , mate." 


                                                                                                            -The immortal Captain Jack Sparrow.


ROS 2010 is up !  Click here to start playing !

Chapter 3:The World Wide Hunt has started ! Click here to play Chapter 3 !


 The event will be based on a story ,which would take you around the world (virtually,of course),in search of the elusive.

The story will consist of three chapters,and each chapter,having a certain number of levels.Further details of the story would be put up in the main portal ,which would be launched shortly.
You will play the role of the protagonist and your objective will be to progress through the levels,with the help of clues,hints or whatever little information that is provided in each level.
For all freshers out there , the links given below should help you get your hearts (or more aptly,your brains ) started.


Do I need to register on the Kurukshetra main website before I start playing ?


How long will the event run ? How would the winner be chosen ?
The first person to complete all levels will be the winner.The event will continue running even after the winner is declared,for the benefit of those who seek to derive the satisfaction of successfully completing the quest.
What if I get stuck on a particular level ?
The forum will be a great place to help yourself get 'unstuck'.
What is a blue blistering bird-brained billious baboon ?
That would be best explained by a gentleman named Captain Haddock.
That's enough.I have completed ROS 07,08 and 09 and can't wait to get started.What do i do now ?
Thou shall try contemplating all possible meanings of this word over the next few days.


 ROS 2010 is up !  Click here to start playing  !


Chapter 2 has been launched.



Chapter 3 will be launched on Sunday, the 17th at 6 P.M.This will be a single-day event and it will be a pure test of googling skills.The event will have a separate winner and those who haven't taken part in the first 2 chapters can still participate in the 3rd chapter.

Chapter 3 has started ! Check out : http://ros.kurukshetra.org.in/chapter3/ 


Chapter I and II :


Student Category : Aditya Bandla, College of Engineering, Guindy

Professional Category : Abhiramya Raghavan, Tata Consultancy Services


Chapter III :


Gopi S, College of Engineering, Guindy 




Venkatraman N:       +91 99622 96545

Vijayakumar K:        +91 98409 15665