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SciTech Quiz

Prefer Fermat’s last theorem to a Tom Hanks movie? More interested by the Raman Effect rather than the Sachin’s effect on India?
God Save You. But welcome!
This year’s K! Sci-Tech Quiz promises to be the biggest yet as the best college brains from all over the country are pitted against each other. Anything remotely connected to Science and Technology will be tested and yes, that includes how Vijay managed to perform his super-long jump in Villu.
Come January, it will be quiz buffs galore at Anna University as each one tries to pip the other to win one of the most awaited theme-based quizzes of the year. Miss it at your own peril.

UPDATE : The K! Sci Tech Quiz will take place on the January 21st. Dont miss it!

TIMING   : Prelims - 1.30 p.m.

                  Finals - 4.00 p.m.


1.Three members per team. Need not be from the same institution.
2.No registration required. Walk-in event.
3.Written prelims of 30 questions with inbuilt tie breakers.
4.Top 6 teams from the Prelims make it to the finals.
5.Finals will commence immediately after the prelims.


1. Does it compulsorily need to be a three member team?
       Not really. If you are scared of sharing your girlfriend/boyfriend/transvestite friend, lesser members per team are permitted.

2. I don’t have a partner at all. What do I do?
     No worries. Lots of nomads will be hovering around the auditorium on the eve of the prelims. Say the magic words and you have got yourself a team.

3. What syllabus do I have to cover for this quiz?
       Grow Up!!

4. What if I don’t make it to the finals?
        You are gladly invited to view the finals. Please come armed with rotten eggs and torn chappals.

5. What size do the chappals have to be?
       Seriously man, GROW UP!!

6. I find this section very offensive.
     Mission Accomplished.

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