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A whiff of excitement. A glimmer of hope. A hint of fun. A quickening of heartbeat… You don’t have to be a pro to read these telltale signs right. The event all of you have been waiting for with bated breath and mounting anticipation is finally here with a bang to quench your thirst for passion. Heralding Gamindrome – the haven of gaming maniacs. The salvation of fingers itching to lord over the controls and minds yearning for the heady thrills only this spectacular event can bring. Escape to this virtual world for a dynamic cocktail of adrenaline and skill to transport you to heights of glory while the rest of the tech fest rages all around you.


Events :

Counter Strike 1.6 

Fifa 2010

Street Fighter 4

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Warcraft 3-Dota

and more


For more details contact 9841660976