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Tomorrow's machines. Out today.

This Kurukshetra, don't miss the opportunity to see demos of two newly launched Windows 7 devices, a multi-touch laptop and a 3D notebook!

Acer Aspire 3D Notebook

Feel the virtual - a visual experience like never before.

India's first Touchscreen Notebook

Start a revolution with a single touch.


Mr. Haja Sheriff, MNA Account Director, Microsoft Corporation will be presenting the session.




The Kondo KHR-1HV Humanoid Robot offers 19 degrees-of-freedom, incorporates a pivotal hip axis and powerful servo motors in the shoulders. It emulates human-like movements: walks, does somersaults, climbs steps, does back flips, etc. and optimizes performance with a powerful micro controller board, the new RCB-3HV.

THE i-LIMB HAND - the world's first fully articulating and commercially available bionic hand

The i Limb is an artificial limb that looks and acts like a real human hand and represents a generational advance in bionics and patient care. The i-LIMB Hand is controlled by a unique, highly intuitive control system that uses a traditional two-input myoelectric (muscle) signal to open and close the hand’s life-like fingers. For new patients, the i-LIMB Hand offers a prosthetic solution that has never before been available.
Courtesy: Prof.Sethu Vijayakumar
Click here for more details.



Origami - the art that blends creativity and geometry, is at once, a challenge to the eye, brain and fingers. An Origami folded model is both a piece of art and a geometric figure. Just unfold and take a look - you will see a complex geometric pattern! Watch intently as a small square of paper magically transforms into a beautiful crane or a majestic lion, the creator''s fingers working skillfully across the sheet of paper.


Come to Kurukshetra to be fascinated by the Origami expert, Mr. Himanshu Agarwal and a team of CEGians bringing about a magical tranformation. 

CEGians, are you ready to be a part of the team that will make a mark in the history of World Records?  
Then join us!! 
Indraja    - 99625 86099
Saranya - 94446 01958 

Madras Science and Technology Exhibition

By The Madras Heritage Lovers

Madraspatnam, Madras and now Chennai, whatever changes the name has undergone, this 350 year old city of Madras has always retained its old world charm while being open to modern cultural and social changes. This is one rare city that seamlessly evokes a sense of nostalgia and affection even amidst the hustle and bustle of a growing metro. Buried in the sands of time are the real wonders of Madras, which, thanks to the heritage lovers will be on display at Kurukshetra's highlight exhibition - Madras, Science and Technology.   

This display will feature photo exhibits of the Buckingham Canal and The Arch Bridges of Madras, a wide philately collection, display of antique objects and a wide array of books on Madras. There will be a display of Mr. D. Hemachandra Rao's collection of objects related to ships. He has been deeply involved in holding exhibitions on Madras for the Madras Day Event. The history of science and technology in Madras will be showcased through Mr. Nelson's collection of stamps and through Mr. Winston A. Henry's collection of books (several first edition ones). Antique objects ranging from a World War II cycle, old winding clocks, kerosene lamps to cameras, books, watches and fountain pens from the collection of Mr. V. Prabhakar and Mr. Moses will also be on display.

Come, witness the true charm of this city at Kurukshetra 2010!


The professional laser show with an animated presentation, beam effects and high clarity acoustics, has been one of the highlights of Kurukshetra. The projected laser beams choreographed to a musical soundtrack and theme fills the atmosphere with dazzling animations and colorful image sequences. Year after year, it has been a special experience—a memory of beauty and brilliance that stays with you forever.

Magic has always been a point of debate and a subject waiting to be demystified. Scientific principles that have a sound logic and base can be easily used to explain many magical phenomena. Science has cleared the fog surrounding numerous beliefs and yet again, in magic the simplicity of scientific principles can aid the explanation of awe-inspiring and baffling illusions. If the beauty of these illusions takes your breath away, then needless to say, more so will the process of understanding the technique and the underlying principles of that illusion. So be present at this one-of-a-kind session to combine fun with art and science.


Guest Profile


Salil Kumar Kundu has been performing magic since 1973. Solyl is with  IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians - world’s largest and oldest magic society based in USA) since 1985. He has been serving as the IBM Territorial Vice-President for India (North) since 1998.


In 2007 and 2009 he judged the prelimnary round for the Stage Magic contest at the IBM annual convention in Reno and Nashville. He has authored several books and e-books on magic and contributed to several magic journals around the world, including the legendary Encyclopedia of Dove Magic by Ian Adair of England. He is the first and only Indian illusionist to perform in Magic Castle, Hollywood which is considered as Mecca of Magic to magician’s world over. Solyl enjoys sharing his magic through lectures and shows. Solyl has taught, lectured and demonstrated at various magic conventions in India and abroad.

 Physics, beyond doubt, is the basis for all forms of Engineering. This demo will take you back to the roots of Engineering. With a set of easy-to-do experiments, we are going to showcase some tricks and treats from the world of Physics. We propose to show you how unbelievable results emerge from simple experiments. The aim of this event is not so much to give you some fresh knowledge, as to help  The “Fun with Physics” demonstration is a special treat that we have in store for you at Kurukshetra this time.

Breakthroughs in Physics have been achieved time and again by keen and observant minds. Simple occurrences that mostly go unnoticed by the ordinary man hold a wealth of meaning for the physicist. This event captures some of those things, startlingly simple, yet profound in their impact. The demo will take you through a host of highly interesting experiments, from the power of friction and static electricity to optics, electromagnetic induction, eddy currents and much more.
Gear up to witness some of the most simple and exciting experiments in Physics. We’ll show you just how complex simplicity is!you “grasp better what you already know”. We intend to arouse interest and to amuse, so as to make this an eminently enjoyable experience.