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Thanks to all the participants for helping us conduct a successful event. We have tried our best to distribute all the certificates and prize money at the hospitality desk itself  during Kurukshetra. In case you haven't received your certificates or prize money, send in the following details to infodesk@kurukshetra.org.in.  You will receive your certificates and Cheque in one week's time.

Required Details:


  1. Name
  2. College
  3. Team Name ( Incase of Team Event)
  4. Kurukshetra ID Number
  5. Email ID
  6. Mobile No
  7. Complete Postal Address ( Incase of Team Events,the address can be of anyone in the team )
  8. The Mail Subject should be " EVENT NAME - WINNER/FINALIST/PARTICIPATION "  For example.. Sub: " GOD SPEED - WINNERS" [ If not mentioned your mail will not be considered ]

Certificates and Prize Money will be sent only after complete verification of the details provided.

For any queries mail to

XCEED Student Ambassador Page

Kurukshetra - "The Battle of Brains" is the International Techno-Management Festival of the College of Engineering, Guindy. Over the years, Kurukshetra has come a long way to become a truly global event of the highest quality. The four-day event is primarily focused on providing a challenging platform for intellectual brains from all over the world to exhibit their talents and assimilate new ideas. All roads lead to CEG during January, as the multifarious events open up a whole new world of opportunities to the convergent intelligentsia.

Close to 15,000 participants from over 250 institutions and 40 countries come together to take part in Kurukshetra, which has carved a niche for itself among the various techfests in the country, thanks to the support extended by our sponsors, the management and the participants.


College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, is one of the premier institutions of higher education in India and has been a renowned centre of academic and technical excellence since its inception. Established in the year 1794, it has an illustrious history in grooming brilliant, talented, young minds from across the country. The institution takes pride in having produced engineers of the top calibre, academic scholars who have been conferred with prestigious awards and enterprising leaders heading top multinational corporations all over the world. In addition to imparting quality education, it also has an excellent research culture and close ties with the industry. With a sprawling campus, world-class faculty, resources and students, the College of Engineering Guindy is one of the best places to study in the country, and is consistently being ranked among the top ten engineering colleges in India.


With guest lectures by eminent speakers, workshops, exhibitions and many other events, Kurukshetra can no doubt be called a melting pot of knowledge. It is a testimony to the magnificence of Kurukshetra and its enormous outreach that it is the first student-organised event of India to be bestowed with patronage from UNESCO. As stated by the UNESCO, Patronage, UNESCO's highest form of support, is granted to show the Organization's moral endorsement of an exceptional activity... Patronage may be granted to exceptional activities likely to have a real impact on education, science, culture or communication. This rare honour has spurred us to go even higher and achieve goals beyond our imagination.