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Dr. Rolf Landua

Head of Education and Public Outreach

CERN, Geneva



Antimatter in science and fiction

Date: Jan 22nd

Time: 2 p.m.


Antimatter is a substance that has inspired both scientists and science fiction writers. Would a world made of antimatter look exactly like ours? Are there stars and planets in our Universe made of antimatter? And - if not - where has all the antimatter gone that should have been produced in the Big Bang? Will antimatter become part of our daily life one day?  Will we use antimatter-driven space ships or drop antimatter bombs? This talk will try to answer some of these questions and will give an overview about the antimatter programme at CERN, mostly known as the location of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons".

Head of Education and Public Outreach

CERN, Geneva

Rolf Landua was offered a position as CERN research physicist in 1987. His scientific research focused on the study of various aspects of antimatter, in particular antiprotonic atoms, antinucleon-nucleon annihilations, meson spectroscopy and the search for exotic bound states of quarks and gluons. In 1996, he was one of the co-proponents of the ‘Antimatter Decelerator’ (AD) at CERN and then co-founder of the ATHENA experiment, of which he became spokesman from 1999-2004. In 2002, the ATHENA experiment reached its goal of producing millions of slow-moving antihydrogen atoms

Rolf Landua has received the communication prize of the European Physical Society in 2003. Since 2005, Rolf Landua is Head of the Education and Public Outreach Group at CERN.  His group organizes international and national physics teacher programmes for about 1000 teachers per year, with the goal of bringing the excitement of modern physics research into classrooms in an intuitive way. His group is also responsible for the CERN visits programme and all CERN exhibitions.

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