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Many looked up at the sky and sighed up as birds flew by,
Some said  
“I wish I could fly"
But only a few said
"I'll be there with them soon"

To fulfill the dreams of all those minds dreaming day and night of creating their own wings to explore the sky, Kurukshetra 2010 presents the  Aero-Modelling Workshop.

Every now and then a person or a product comes along that changes forever the way we do things, whether in our day to day life or in a leisure pursuit. In this instance, it is in the field of radio control aeromodelling that things have changed in a radical way with the advent of IR spectrum technology.

This workshop deals with the essential knowledge related to aerodynamics and the participants will be given hands on experience in designing an Indoor-Glider. In order to fly, all one must do is simply miss the ground. So, come here with your imagination, we will show you what the Wright Brothers saw through their Rods and Cones!



Day 1 - 22.01.10
Session 1 - Introduction and Overview

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Types of Gliders
  • Indoor Gliders - Specifications
  • Challenges Involved
  • Science Behind

Session 2 - Glider body building


Day 2 - 23.01.10
Session 3 - Glider - Flying and Testing

Kit details

The electric indoor glider kit will consist of the following components:

  • IR remote control - 2 channel throttle and rudder up down can be controlled by varying throttle
  • Micro motor with esc
  • Fuselage, wing, tail, all are made with carbon fibre
  • Battery (LIPO) with charger

Specification (complete details):

  • IR remote controlled (2 channel throttle and rudder up down can be controlled by varying throttle)
  • Propulsion (electric motor with gearbox with propeller)
  • Power lipo battery with charger
  • Fuselage, wing, tail, all are made with carbon fiber (strong durable)
  • Wingspan 12 inches.
  • Transmitter infrared based for indoor and short range for outdoor (no license needed)
  • Weighs only a few grams, so crash will not damage too much.

The indoor gliders work on IR sensors and Transducer concept. The low weight glider has an advantage of being very easy to fabricate and the carbon fibre body provides strength and durability in outer design. A basic knowledge about flight will be essential to operate this glider and this kit uses standard items available within India.

The workshop will provide fun and knowledge in designing and operating an Indoor Glider.

  • The registration fee for each team including the cost of the electric indoor glider kit will be INR 6500.
  • Each team is allowed to consist of 2-3 members.
  • Members of a team may belong to different departments and different colleges.
  • A basic knowledge about flight concepts will be essential to design and operate this glider.
  • The registration fee has to be sent before 29.12.2009 in the form of a demand draft in favour of 'CEG Tech Forum' to the following address - 

       Mr.S.Vijayakumar, Room no-69, IV block, Engineering college hostels, Anna University Chennai, Chennai-600 025.




Registrations Closed

Ashok - +91 98406 74373