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Know Your Bike



Know your bike


Ever heard of Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach? Well, what these people did some 200 years back has changed our lives greatly... What they invented, for a few is a passion, for some the extension of themselves, others a convenience, a necessity...  the list is endless. Oh yeah, we are talking about the motorcycle.


Are you Mr. Inquisitive? The one who runs around to know the latest technology in the market? Or are you a newbie with little or no knowledge of the engineering behind it? Whatever it is, as long as you have a passion for bikes, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got something for everyone.


Come January, it is time to pull the wraps off your two-wheeled monstrosity and delve deeper into the mechanical jigsaw. What is more is that you will be able to get you hands on it and rip it apart and assemble it. 


If you’re interested, grab your hard hat, your riding gear and it is time to go whroom, whrooooom....!!!



Day 1 - 21.01.2010

Session 1 - Basics

  • What's a motorcycle
  • The uniqueness of motorcycles - unitrack vehicles
  • Engine design overview
  • Chassis design overview
  • A quick trend of how motorcycles have changed (will lead to session 2)


Session 2 - Trends

  • Where are motorcycles headed

             1. In racing

             2. On the street

  • New engine management ideas emerging
  • New technologies coming into bikes
  • dual clutch transmissions
  • electronic management systems


Session 3 - Demonstration

Assembling and dismantling of motorcycle


Day 2 - 22.01.2010

Session 4 - Hands-on session


Batch Time
Batch 1 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Batch 2 12:30 pm - 02:30 pm
Batch 3 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm







Day 3 - 23.01.2010

Event - Assembling Contest



Session 1 & 2 - Shubhabrata Marmar

Deputy Editor at Overdrive, India's No. 1 Car & Bike Magazine.


Shubhabrata Marmar has been in the automotive journalism business for almost a decade and was one of the first to specialise - in his case in motorcycles. He has tested practically every Indian two-wheeler that has been launched since the year 2000 and also has experience on a very wide range of international motorcycles and scooters. Shumi, as he is known in the industry and in the magazine, is a vocal proponent of motorcycle safety and writes a popular column on Better Riding in the magazine apart from tests, features and regular sections. In addition to this, Shumi also manages overdrive.in, the magazine's online voice and also appears on the Overdrive show, India's best automotive show that airs on CNBC-TV18 and CNN-IBN on weekends.


  • Registration closed. 
  • The registration fee for the workshop will be INR 150.
  • No technical knowledge of a motorcycle is required as the nature of the workshop is informal.
  • The selected participants will have to bring on the day of the event without fail the following,

        o ID card
        o A printed copy of the intimation letter
        o Registration fee

For Session 3

  • For the Hands-on session, the participants can form a group of 5 among themselves.
  • The group could include students from different branches and colleges.
  • The group of participants will be allowed to dismantle and assemble a specific component which will be allotted to them randomly by the Organisers.
  • Following successful completion of the task, if time permits, the Organisers shall allot another component.
  • A motorcycle and necessary tools will be provided for the session.
  • Participants will be held responsible for loss of any components from the motorcycle allotted to them and hence due caution is to be exercised while dismantling the components.


For Session 4

  • The best group from each batch in session 3 will be chosen to participate in this session.
  • The best group will be judged by Professors from CEG and also representatives from our Workshop Sponsor, TVS Motors Company.
  • The four groups will compete against a group chosen by our Workshop Sponsor, TVS Motors Company. They will be chosen from the audience during the course of the workshop.

The selected participants in Batch 1 :


2 Aravindhan N HITS
3 Arpit Vinayak IIT Madras
4 Senthil Narayanan B Bharath University
5 Badhri Narayanan S JJ College of Engineering and Technology
6 Boopathi N Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
7 Markandeyulu C H Chirala Engineering College
8 Devarajan BSA Crescet Engineering College
9 Hari hara sudhan V Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
10 Jude Richard R JJ College of Engineering and Technology
11 Kalaiyarasan S Gnanamani College of Technology
12 Madhusudhan P Jeppiar Engineering College.
13 Malarvanan Anna University, BIT campus, Tiruchirapalli
15 Mouda Md Sabeel C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engg & Technology
16 Nagabushan A Anna University, BIT campus, Tiruchirapalli
17 Nagarjun J Anna University, BIT campus, Tiruchirapalli
18 Praveen K N S Bapatla Engineering College
19 Raaghavan E V Coimbatore Institute of Technology
20 Ram Prasad J Coimbatore Institute of Technology
21 Ramkumar I.F.E.T College of Engineering
22 Rupam Debnath I.F.E.T College of Engineering
23 Sakthivel K I.F.E.T College of Engineering
24 Sathya Rajesh A K S Ranagasamy College of Technology
25 Satya Siva K V Bapatla Engineering College
26 Siva Reddy P ER. Perumal Manimekalai  College of Engineering
27 Vignesh M Jayam College of Engineering and Technology.
29 Vignesh S Arunai Engineering College
30 Vivek A Coimbatore Institute of Technology


 The selected participants in Batch 2 :


S.NO Name College
31 Ananda Rahavan S Mepco schlenk Engineering College
32 Aravinth Krishna Kumar B Paavai Engineering College
33 Bala kirushnan M M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering
34 Balaji K Madras Institute of Technology
35 Benito f' hennessy M Kalasalingam university
36 Dhineshkumar S Nandha Engineering College
37 Jai Krishnan Kumaraguru College of Technology
38 Kalidass M Kalasalingam university
39 Kalpana K B KLN College of Engineering
40 Karthick S Paavai Engineering College
41 Kirubakar C Natarajan PSG College of Technology
42 Manasseh Anand M Kongu Engineering College
43 Minesh Babu S Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
44 Murali Krishnan S Panimalar engineering college
45 Nishanth M Panimalar Engineering College
46 Nizamudeen Paavai Engineering College
47 Pradeep G PSG College of Technology
48 Praveen kumar J Mailam Engineering College, Mailam
49 Rajkumar D Kalasalingam University
50 Ravindran PSG College of Technology
51 Robin PSG College of Technology
52 Sashi Kumar C S Kumaraguru College of Technology
53 Selva Kumar R PARK Institute of Technology
54 Suresh J M R Kongu Engineering College
55 Uvasre T S KLN College of Engineering
56 Venkatesh K S Kumaraguru College of Technology
57 Vigneshaa S Panimalar engineering college
58 Vinothini T L KLN College of Engineering
59 Vivin Kanth M Mohamed Satak A.J College of Engineering
60 Yukendar.B Kumaraguru college of technology


The selected participants in Batch 3 :


S. No Name College
61 ArunKumar K Vel Tech University
62 Ashwin Kumar G Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology
63 Balaji P R Sona College Of Technology
64 Ganesh R St. Peters College of Engineering and Technology
65 Girish St. Peters College of Engineering and Technology
66 Hajamohideen F St. Peters College of Engineering and Technology
67 Harish Velammal Engineering College
68 Karthik S RMK Engineering College
69 Kaviprabha Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women
70 Kishore C Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
71 Kota Praveen Kumar St. Josephs College of Engineering
72 Loganayaki E Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women
73 Mohammed Umar Sheriff RMD Engineering College
74 Naveen J Saranathan College of Engineering
75 Naveen Kumar Prathyusha Institute Of Technology And Management
76 Nithya M Saranathan College of Engineering
77 Prasanna Venkatesh R Thiagarajar College of Engineering
78 Prasath V Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
79 Praveen V N SSN College of Enggineering
80 Prem kumar T Thiagarajar College of Engineering
81 Rajapriyan S RVS College of Enggineering & Technology
82 Sakthi Monisha RMK Engineering College
83 Sanchay Jain SRM University, Kattankulathur
84 Sivakumar S SRM University, Kattankulathur
85 Subakar Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
86 Sujith V G Sethu Institute of Technology
87 Sunil R PMC Technology
88 Venkatesan N Sethu Institute of Technology
89 Vignesh R Sona College Of Technology
90 Yugendiran V S Sri Nandanam College of Engineering


Harish Kumar  - +91 98403 00438
Vinoth             - +91 96009 14814
Baskar            - +91 97502 57082