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Cloud Computing

Weather Forecast for January 21, Chennai: The much anticipated Cloud is headed towards CEG! Copious showers on Cloud technologies are expected during the Workshop on Cloud Computing! Be there!


The Internet has indeed become “So yesterday!!”. The Cloud is what everyone talks about now. The Cloud was a vision of the Turing award winner, John McCarthy, dating back to 1960. A technology, long forgotten, was exhumed by the big shots of the Software world, and after being neatly vacuumed, it underwent some serious overhauling and voilà! The Cloud was born. Taking the notion of what is called “Transparency” to extreme limits, the Cloud has become the personification of “offering virtually anything as a service”.


Are you piqued every time you hear about The Cloud but you didn't really manage to.. well.. lets say.. figure it out? Or are you a pro in Nimbus TP 2.2 with some major issues in virtualizing your own Guest OS? Here's your lucky chance! Come to our workshop on Cloud Computing. We'll answer all your whats, whens and hows on the Cloud. We've got everything, right from dabs of commercial cloud technologies to huge, wholesome dollops of a hands on session on how to create your own Cloud.

Its high time you figure what the Cloud is all about!


Day I - January 21st, Lecture Day: 9 am till 1 pm
VENUE: Seminar Hall, CS Department, CEG, Anna University, Chennai

Session 1.  Lectures by experts from IBM (9 to 11 am)

1.Cloud computing - Demystified  - 1 hour

Topic abstract: Covers an overview of cloud
Speaker : Naren krishnan

2.Cloud IaaS - Infrastructure - A developers perspective - 1 hour

Overview - IBMers - Kirpal A Venkatesh, Kishorekumar Neelamegam, Vibhaw P Rajan
Topic abstract: Covers an overview of cloud, Demo of IBM Cloudburst / Amazon public cloud
Speaker : Kirpal A Venkatesh
Demo by Vibhaw

Session 2. Students' project demo by four final year project teams
Students each having  a 20 minutes slot (11 am to 1 pm)
In this session, the teams will present on the following points in each of their 20 minutes slot:   
a. Project objective  
b. Literature survey (the papers/work they have)   
c. Motivation   
d. Project details in terms of modules they are planning to implement and a little justification for the mosules   
e. Tools they are planning to use  
f. Problems they have faced/anticipate to face (this will bring in the practical touch which will make these projects look more doable by the participants)

Venkatesh Karthick presentation on MS Azure Public Cloud

--- End of Lecture Day ---

Day II -- January 22nd, Hands-on Day: 1 pm till 4 pm
VENUE: First Floor Laboratory, CS Department, CEG, Anna University Chennai

Demo by our project students followed by hands-on
Session I: Cent OS, Xen, Nimbus Demo cum hands-on by our project students regarding how to use virtualization.
Session II: Eucalyptus demo by Ashish and team

--- End of Hands-on Day ---

An event exclusive only to the cloud computing workshop participants will also be held by IBM. More on this on the day of the workshop.


Venkatesh Karthik  +91 96001 17005
Sanjeev                 +91 93407 19768

Naveen                  +91 98406 07695 (Nimbus Hands-on Session)

Please send all your queries regarding the workshop to: cloud@kurukshetra.org.in

The filtering process for the Cloud Computing workshop is over. We have sent the mail to all selected participants. Thank you for the enormous response. It is regrettable that we have not been able to accommodate all registrants. We will be uploading most of the slides of the workshop. Keep watching this page for updates.