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3D Evolution

What is it like to be a part of the 3D world?
Have you ever wondered about the change in the position of an object when you close and open your eyes one by one?
Ever tried to explore the mysteries behind the magic of vision?
Human beings are naturally gifted with the power of visualizing in 3D. But we are never satisfied with our natural powers. So, we went beyond the natural limits to recreate the 3 dimensional world virtually with our power of science and technology. For all those who want to get enthralled with these awe-inspiring advancements, this workshop would be a real rejuvenation.
Come join us in this journey that will take you through the timeline of evolution of 3D and show you glimpses of the series of technologies since the birth of stereo-vision to the latest 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence, that have gone a long way in magnifying the brilliance of 3D.
Imagine generating your own 3D model, seeing some awesome 3D movies...
So pals, gear up for the world of 3D! You are to get astounded with mind boggling demonstrations and contests!!!


Day 1 - 21.01.10


Session 1 - Overview Of 3D 

  • 3D and its Inception
  • Science behind 3D
  • How human eye visualizes 3D
  • Different forms for obtaining 3D
  • 3D as a technology used in a plethora of fields

Session 2 - 3D Applications

  • Concepts and softwares behind 3D movies
  • Best rated Clippings of 3D Movies
  • Anaglyph Glasses will be provided to all participants for viewing 3D clippings.


Day-2 - 22.01.10


Session 3 - 3D Computer Vision

  • Latest benchmarks In 3D
  • Lecture on 3D Computer Vision

Session 4 - 3D Softwares

  • Demonstration Of Photosynth
  • Other Softwares For Creating 3D


Virtual 3D Contest 

Here is the test of your proficiency in 3D. 

After the final session, the participants can participate in a contest to create a virtual 3D model.

Participants interested in taking part in the contest are requested to bring their own digital camera.

Specification - The camera resolution should be atleast 5 MP

  • Registration closed.
  • The participants will be done based on the statement of purpose (SOP) and other registered details and the selected participants will be sent a confirmation mail.
  • Students from any department or branch can participate in the workshop.
  • Participants need not have any prior knowledge of 3D.
  • The registration fee for the workshop is INR 150 that has to be paid by the participant on the day of the workshop.
  • The selected participants are requested to bring the following on the day of the workshop:

        o College ID card
        o A copy of the confirmation mail

Registration closed.

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 Congratulations to all Winners