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"...The science behind the idea stems from current concepts in artificial intelligence (AI), artificial life (ALife), evolutionary biology, and genetic algorithms. It seems that building large complex robots hasn't worked well, so why not try to evolve them from a lesser to a greater ability as mother nature has done with biologics?"   

 -Mark W. Tilden, Father of BEAM Robotics
The word "beam" in BEAM robotics is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. 
BEAM robotics is a relatively new field of robotics. It uses minimalist electronics that mimic biological neurons which facilitate the robot's response to its working environment. The simplicity of BEAM construction allows people from all walks of life and levels of education to create very capable autonomous robots without prior knowledge in advanced robotics.
This workshop on advanced BEAM robotics conducted by Robosoft Systems lets you explore the fascinating world of beam robotics and the numerous hands-on sessions infuse you with what is required to build a BEAM robot in a matter of hours!!
Come this January, its time to let your creepy little spider bots sprawl the arena!!
Sponsored by our official Robotics workshop partner 'Robosoft systems'

Day 1 - 17.01.10

Theory session - 2hrs
Hands on session
  • Familiarization with the kit - approx 1 hr
  • Exploring electronic components - 30 min
  • Selecting motor for Solar Robotics - 30 min 
  • Introduction about solar cells - 30 min
  • Building and testing of 2 Solar Engines on the robot main board - 2.5 hrs
Day 2 - 18.01.10
  • Building a Photovore - a solar-powered, light-seeking, obstacle-avoiding robot - approx 2 Hrs
  • Open group discussion - approx 2 Hrs
  • Running the robot photo-popper - approx 1 Hrs
Kit details
The kit contains one Photo-popper Robot & Solar engine development kit.
Specification of robot
  • Locomotion : 2 rubber wheel approximately 1mm diameter, the capacitors will be used as castor wheel to save weight.
  • Solar engine :  MILLER SOLAR ENGINE (1381) .
  • Dimensions : The overall dimension of the robot will not be exciding 80mm x 80mm
  • Total Weight of solar robot : 20 Grams
Specification of solar engine development kit:
  • Solar panel - 6.7V @ 15mA (33mm X 37 mm) ref picture
  • 1381Q 3.8V voltage trigger
  • DC pager motor
  • Motor mounts (fuse clips)
  • Voltage comparator
  • Flash led (FLEDs)
  • Zener Diodes
  • Photodiodes
  • Capacitors and super caps.
  • Resistors
  • Transistors
  • Potentiometer
  • General purpose Bread board
  • Two touch sensors
  • Solid copper Wires and heat shrink tubing for beautification n personalizing the bots by the participants
  • Components shown in picture which we might have not mentioned.
  • CD with various solar engine circuits, useful tutorial videos and links.


  • The registration fee for the workshop along with the kit is INR 3600 per team.
  • Course fee includes

             1. Solar robot kit with solar panel

             2. Multiple Solar engine development kit

             3. 2 day training program

             4. CD content of Tutorials, 3D diagrams of solar robot construction manual and various circuit diagrams, resources,                    cool videos…and much more!!!

             5. Solar robot 2 day course certificate.

  • Each team can consist of a maximum of 3 students.
  • Participants from different colleges can form a team.
  • The last day for registration is 9th January,2010.
  • The registration fee has to be sent on or before 09.01.2010 in the form of Demand draft in favour of 'Robosoft Systems' payable at Mumbai to the following address:



        Room no-69, IV block,

        Engineering college hostels,

        Anna University Chennai,

        Chennai-600 025.


  • Once we receive the DD, a confirmation mail will be sent whose copy has to be brought by the participant on the day of the workshop


Registration closed.

All selected participants have been initimated through mail. Bring a copy of the confirmation mail along with college id card. Report at Hall 10 main building before 9 30 am on the 17th of January.

 Santhosh - +91 99448 16516