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"Today, the focus is on the ability to move and be self-sufficient..."

Welcome to the field of legged autonomous robots. The fascinating field of autonomous robots is becoming a major technological driving force for the future and a synergy must be developed between its mechanics, electronics and software. 
If you are fascinated about developing legged and autonomous robots by applying high-end engineering concepts and much more, then here's your chance. Do join us to achieve this single objective - automatic legged motion. 
Sponsored by our official Robotics workshop partner 'Robosoft systems'


Day-1 - 19.01.10

  •     Introduction to robotics
  •     Classification of robots- autonomous and manual
  •     Types of locomotion
  •     Legged locomotion
  •     Introduction to microcontrollers
  •     Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
  •     Introduction to software tools- Keil and flash magic
  •     Introduction to embedded C
  •     Programming on Keil platform (led toggling, key interfacing)
  •     Servo motors
  •     Servo motor control
  •      Machine Assembly

 Day-2 - 20.01.10

  •      Robot controlling (making it move fwd, backwards, left, right)
  •      IR communication
  •      Interfacing of IR remote to microcontroller
  •      Navigation of robot through IR remote
  •      Obstacle detection sensors
  •      How to avoid obstacles

Kit Details 

1 - Finely laser cut acrylic attractive legged robot assembly .
3 -  Powerfull Servos 
1 - MCS51 (8051) based robotics development microcontroller board
1 - Connector for program loading in to your controller board
2 - TSOP sensor as proximity sensor
1 - NiMh Battery
1 – Battery Charger 
Robot building tools ... and much more!


  • The registration fee for the workshop is INR 1200 per student.
  • Course fee includes:
    1. 1 legged Robotics Assembly kit. (non-takeaway)
    2. CD content of Tutorials, Robo Camp construction manual, resources and videos
    3. RoboCrab 2 day course certificate
  • To buy the kit, INR 4000 extra to be paid on the day of the workshop.
  • The last date for regisration is 9th January.
  • The registration fee has to be sent on or before 09.01.2010 in the form of Demand draft in favour of 'Robosoft Systems' payable at Mumbai to the following address:



        Room no-69, IV Block,

        Engineering College Hostels,

        Anna University Chennai,

        Chennai-600 025.


  • Once we receive the DD, a confirmation mail will be sent whose copy has to be brought by the participant on the day of the workshop.

Registration closed.

Registration for hospitality closed.

Santhosh - +91 99448 16516